Manual testing is the backbone of the QA analysis. The quality of any application cannot be guaranteed unless it is tested manually. Manual testing brings out the logical errors and critical bugs in the flow of any system. In other words, manual testing can be defined as a process of software testing performed from the end-users’ perspective in order to detect existing defects and provide a high level of product quality. Neovibe has talented and experienced tester ready to dig in deep in to the projects to bring out a flawless product for you. Manual testing has a lot of benefits over other means of testing, few of them are

  1. Preparation of test cases, enables the tester to make changes easily and adapt when a new dynamic project starts.
  2. Manual testing provides more comprehensive feedback on the UI and UX sections of the application.
  3. Manual test perceives the application from the users percpective, hence ensureing a better user experince.
  4. For small scale projects, manual testing is more cost effective
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